Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Organization and Decorating

I love to be organized! I have found so many great ideas on how to attractively organize things... Now to carry them out... on a low budget :)

I love the look of

But finding inexpensive ways to do it all is the key... :) Dollar stores and thrift stores are becoming my new favorite! Who says you need name brand stuff all the time?

And home decor... you should check out pintrest.com! It's an amazing site with 50 kabazillion +2 ideas! I've been getting a lot of my inspiration from that site! Practical ways to organize and decorate! I really like it!

Stay tuned for actual pictures of results (hopefully). I'm tired of empty walls :) I feel change coming. 

And it's to late to be blogging rationally anymore..



Friday, 20 January 2012

A Few New Things

Ok :) so much for posting frequently! My apologies.

A few new and exciting things have happened since my last post 5 months ago :)

#1 I'm Pregnant!!!

20 Weeks! 
(I'm 23+ weeks now)

We are enjoying this time hugely! We can't wait to meet this very active bundle in May!

I love being pregnant. God has been so good! I avoided morning sickness, no heartburn so far, 0 complications! I am just awed at the goodness of the Lord! Lil Bub (as we call him/her... it beats using "it") is an active little one! I'm thrilled to feel "him" kick and squirm. No the growing and stretching process isn't always the most comfortable but the prize at the end makes it well worth it!

(by the way the above pictures were taken by my sister Heidi who is just getting into photography go check out her blog!)

#2 We moved!

I don't have pictures to post sorry, We moved from a country farm house to a duplex in town. I like it! It's cozy and compact and I'm enjoying making it feel like a home, coming up with decor ideas (and actually carrying them out instead of just thinking and talking about it) So stay tuned you may just see a few pictures soon.

No this isn't a very long post today but hopefully the blogging fever will hit me more regularly.

Blessings to all!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

This and That

:) I haven't posted in awhile... oops my bad.

Nothing huge or life shattering has happened in the last while so I figured I would give you a few random photos that explain the randomness of my life lately :0) enjoy!

Pepper picking :)


Random bits of Photography


Canning Peaches

Video creating

So that is a small look into my world!

Hope you have a super awesome day!


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Of long walks and Cookies

So... Sherry came over today and we baked 2 kinds of cookies and bread. And being the nice people that we are we decided to share our goodies with a few hard workers out on the cucumber field.

How hard could it be? Bring a plate of cookies out to the field <shrugs shoulders> Well we arrived and looked around and saw a familiar vehicle and figured it had to be close so we parked and got out of the car and started walking. Well we came upon a cucumber field that had about 5 machines on it, and as we looked further we saw another large field... well if anyone has ever seen a cucumber machine they all look extremely similar... so began our trek to find the right machine and deliver our cookies... We should have drove... half an hour later after trekking through the mud and humidity at the far corner of the far field we found them! We delivered the cookies and chatted and began our trek back... an hour after we arrived at the field, we left... goodness all to deliver cookies! But we got our exercise... and a few other peoples :)

And just for fun we made a cookie for my cousin

Well thats all for now! Getting ready to head out for the weekend with my husband for a company fest!


Thursday, 14 July 2011

On a New Adventure

Baking Soda, Water, Vinegar, and Vanilla.... That is the start of my new adventure!

"What?" you may ask "do these have in common?" Well :)... These are my new hair products! 
Please note the word "Adventure" which according to dictionary.com means:
"a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome."
And that's exactly what this is! I have no idea what it will do to my hair, but hey, life is short and hair will grow back and it will take a long time to go bald.... hopefully :)

I found the directions or recipe, whatever you want to call it here. The headline read 
"A Non-Toxic, Frugal Way To Wash Your Hair Without Buying Shampoo" Sounds slightly boring and old-fashioned no? But it may work none the less and when you can save a bit here and a bit there and avoid pouring chemicals on your head (oh dear I sound like a natural freak) then why not give it a try. I had all the ingredients at home already anyways! 

Well thats all for now <checks mirror to make sure hair isn't falling out> so far so good ;)


Friday, 8 July 2011

Bunnies and Yellow Beans

I have been visited by this friendly creature quite frequently as of late.... They seem to like my yellow bean plants much to my displeasure! So I researched it and found the sprinkling black pepper on and around the plants will keep them away. Well I did that yesterday and when I went to inspect my garden this morning there were some half eaten leaves! Which means it worked! They always ate the entire leaf leaving just the stem and now they tasted the pepper and left some of it behind! I hope it will get rid of them for good! I like Yellow Beans!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

What will the day bring forth?

"What will the day bring forth?"

This question usually accompanies the rising of the Sun... We can plan all we want but what will really happen only the Lord knows.

Welcome to my blog!

I am going to attempt to pick up blogging again! I hope to post a variety of different things! Random bits about my day, Recipes that I like, Websites I find helpful, and any thing that mangages to suit my fancy!

Hope you enjoy it!